Aloe Bud: A Personal Self-Care Companion (REVIEW)

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Hello, loves!

This week’s post is going to be a little different than the others! I’ll be doing my very first app review, so bear with me!

I hope that I can do the creators and the app itself some justice because Aloe Bud has definitely been a great addition to my daily routine. So…without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Aloe Bud?

Aloe Bud is a gentle self-care application that allows you to check in and reflect, and also lets you set reminders to do so.

For the past week, I’ve been using this app everyday, and since using it, I’ve realized a lot about myself.

Aloe Bud provides space for users to check in. I really enjoy this feature because it has helped me focus on the simple things that I forget to do.

Here’s a screenshot of what my Aloe Bud looked like when I first started.

You have the option to choose what types of reminders you’d like to receive. For myself, I set reminders to Breathe, Stimulate, Fuel, Rest, Hydrate, and Motivate. With these reminders, I am encouraged to pay attention to my health and happiness without being shamed or guilt-tripped.

How has Aloe Bud helped you?

With the reminders that I’ve set for myself, I’m nudged to make sure that I’m paying attention to the little things that have, over time, taken a toll on me.

After extended periods of not eating properly, my body was used to surviving on just a few calories, which made eating difficult even after I was getting better. My psychiatrist helped me train my body to be hungry again, but it took a few months to do so.

Even now, I still have problems remembering to eat because I don’t get hungry as often as I should. Aloe Bud sends me reminders throughout the day to eat and drink.

Another screenshot. This one is my ‘Hydrate’ reminder. Peep the lovely message that Aloe Bud sends along with it. How great!

The ‘Motivate’ and ‘Stimulate’ activities are both pretty awesome for the fact that they give space for the user to uplift themself.

In the ‘Motivate’ space, you’re urged to note things that make you happy or keep you going. Here, I’ve written things pertaining to my future and other things I have to look forward to. These notes are a good way to encourage progression and growth.

‘Stimulate’ is solely for writing down ideas that you may have. I’ve used this space to take note of different ideas for blog posts, future internships, jobs, and ideas on how to pay for graduate school.

So, what’s the verdict?

I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who may need a little help adding self-care to their daily agenda. The most minuscule acts can be the ones that are making the most difference in your life. For me, breathing, fueling and hydrating my body, and motivating myself have proved to be beneficial in the long-run.

There is some bad news, though. This app is only available for iPhone. However, I took it upon myself to research some Android alternatives! Down below you’ll find some options that closely mirror the Aloe Bud app.

My Possible Self

Plant Nanny


I hope that this app helps y’all as much as it has begun to help me. If you try Aloe Bud or any of the alternatives, please let me know!

As always, you and your wellbeing matter. Never forget that. Until next time,

Hugs and Kisses,


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