A Letter to my Anxious Friend

Dear Anxious Friend,

Welcome to 2020. It’s the beginning of a new year. A new decade. It’s the beginning of change. You spent last year letting your anxieties and compulsions run your mind, body, and life. You spent hours trying to curve your discomfort and ease your uncertainty. You worried about the future instead of enjoying the present, thus your spirit is drained.

But not anymore. This year, this DECADE, you will not be the same. Anxiety and OCD are bullies, and they’ve bullied you for way too long. You’re stronger now. You’re bigger than your fears. You’re ready to take your life back and live it the way YOU want. No longer will you look at your mental disorder as a crutch. You’ll view it as a strength, a catalyst. One that will propel you forward to overcome anything that might step in your way.

It’s time to put yourself first again. It’s time to recognize YOUR inner voice, and not the one that anxiety and OCD have manipulated you into listening to.

Now, it won’t be easy. Not in the slightest. People will leave, and you’ll feel alone. That’s OK. At the same time, however, you’ll have the most important ones there with you, and all will eventually feel right again.

This time of self-restoration will be difficult, but when you look back and see the progress you’ve made and the better you’ve become, you’ll take that much more pride in protecting your peace.

2020 is all about growth. In 2019, you weren’t able to do that because Anxiety and OCD kept asking you “what if?” Well WHAT IF you succeed? WHAT IF you break free from the chains you’ve been held captive in for so long? WHAT IF you show Anxiety and OCD who’s really the boss?

You no longer have to live in the box that your mental disorders have created for you. There are no longer walls preventing you from spreading your wings and flying to the highest mountaintop. Those days are behind you.

The key to success is consistency, and as long as you stay motivated, you can go anywhere from here.

Stay strong, stay focused, and stay consistent. The world is yours.

Hugs and kisses,